Videos That I Love

I have a little playlist on YouTube of videos that I love. These are videos that give me warm and fuzzy’s, make me smile, remind me how awesome people and life are and sometimes make me cry (sometimes you just need a cry). I thought I’d share some of these with you to pass on the warm and fuzzy feeling. So here they are 10 little videos in no particular order:

1. Free Hugs Campaign

This video is one of the earliest videos I remember watching on youtube and it brings tears to my eyes every single time I watch it. Those first few hugs, the music cue tears.

2. Street Compliments | SoulPancake Street Team

I’m a sucker for any SoulPancake video, one of their first videos I watched was A Pep Talk from Kid President . Their videos from the street are some of my favourites especially this one which highlights just how powerful a compliment can be. 

3. An Experiment in Gratitude | The Science of Happiness

It’s another SoulPancake video but this one about gratitude and the follow up one Calling To Say Thank You have made me cry, key message, say thanks to those who matter to you. 

4. Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives

Prince Ea makes some very powerful and thought provoking videos and this is one of my favourites. This video isn’t designed to make you feel bad if you don’t know what you’re dreams, goals, passions are but to encourage you to be curious, take risks, play, dare to dream, step outside your comfort zone and live your life fully in every aspect. 

5. A Stand For Self Love

When I first watched this video I sobbed, this isn’t just about the beautiful women who was taking the stand and putting herself out there but also every other person who acknowledged what she was doing. 

6. EMBRACE The Documentary | Trailer

This project successfully became a film and it is incredible, definitely worth a watch. 

7. 5 Years of Travel (Lessons and Adventures)

This video hasn’t made me teary like some of the others but it’s one that has made me think. It’s easy to get caught up in the awesome travel adventures and footage while watching it and think ‘Easy for them, they just travel’, but it’s not so much about the travel as the message they are telling you which to me is life is an adventure, explore it, experience it and grow. 

8. To The Girl I Was

Another tear jerker for me, Jubilee have lots of other beautiful videos you can watch. 

9. Train Passengers Sing Over the Rainbow

This video I thought was very sweet and makes me smile and a little teary. I love the quote at the end “Each day is unique and special when we make it that way”. 

10. Jack Garratt – Surprise Yourself

This is a music video that I’ve watched multiple times. For me it’s saying surprise yourself, step out of you comfort zone and it doesn’t have to be something big it could even just be facing a fear of city driving (something I’ve done this year). 

So there you are, 10 little videos. I could of shared plenty more but the post would of gone on forever. No doubt there will be more videos I discover in the future which I’ll share here. The key messages

Live your life, love yourself, make today happy, life is one big adventure
and it’s okay to have a playlist of videos that make you cry (and smile).


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