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Hey You, Welcome
I’m Caitlin, a 20 something creator, dreamer, doer and lover of life.
I believe in “Making Today Happy”, appreciating the simple joys in life and playing with the child within.
I love creating and making, big laughs and living life in a wholesome way.
I find happiness in swings, sparklers, good food and new places and don’t even get me started on pretty pens and stationary.
I smile over good books and chick flicks, dancing wildly and summer sunsets, the list goes on.
It’s these things (and many more) that make me who I am and bring me joy and happiness. The small things in life that are often overlooked and understated, the simple joys. These are the things I love and want to share which is why I started Make Today Happy.

This is my project, Make Today Happy. A project in finding and sharing ways to include a little more happy in your days. A project to encourage you to get creative and make beautiful things. A project to share inspiration on “Me Dates”, wellness, self love and whatever little nuggets of wisdom I feel the need to share (possibly pictures and videos to make you giggle).

So what’s it all mean?

To me ‘Make Today Happy:
Is about being creative and taking time to MAKE things, beautiful things, crafty projects, for you, for others, a difference, a change.
It’s about living in the present moment, living for TODAY, making changes and doing small things for now and in the future.
It’s about being HAPPY because it’s good for you and because there are so many beautiful reasons to be.

So a big hello and welcome for being here, I’d love for you to join me on this beautiful adventure of making our days happy. I’ll kick it off with asking you how can you ‘Make today Happy?’

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