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A few months ago now I wrote the first post in a series I called Simple Joys. My first post was about my Rainbow Umbrella and the simple joys it bought being able to set it up on the beach and spend time with my two sisters. I haven’t written a post in the series since even though I planned on it. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been taking note and appreciating all the simple joys life has had to offer recently. I thought I’d share 4 of my favourite moments and joys from the past few months.

Best place to buy clomid, Where to buy cheap clomid online

At the end of September I spent two nights with my younger sisters in the city. We went to a concert together and spent our time exploring the city. My favourite moments of the time with my sisters was playing games together which made us properly laugh out loud. One of the games was Bingo, quite simple really, decide on something to find such as a person with a red shirt and yell bingo when you see it. There were also a couple of games of pocket Trivial Pursuit in the park soaking up the beautiful day.

A Fresh Juice from a Friend

A few weeks ago I had some things going on that were leaving me a little distracted and not myself when it came to being at my day job. One particular Sunday one of the girls I work with sent me a message before we started work offering to buy me a fresh juice from our favourite cafe. This girl had worked with me the days before and I think she knew I wasn’t quite myself. The simple gesture of buying me a drink that particular day meant so much to me in ways she will probably never realise. I relished the simple joy of that fresh juice all day.

Painting Workshop

As a late birthday present my friend shouted me and herself a create your own canvas workshop. Over the two sessions we had we both created two beautiful and different pieces of artwork. I hadn’t properly painted like that since high school but there’s something so simple and joyful about creating art with paint and being left with a masterpiece.

Surprising My Family

After not seeing my parents for nearly two months I decided to give them a surprise visit. Despite having a big week at work and an early start to go see them the joy of being able to surprise them kept me going the whole 3.5hr drive and it was so worth it.

While all this little things really are simple joys they have meant so much to me, they have reminded me:
~ Play and have fun
~ That small acts of kindness can bring so much joy
~ The beauty of creating and painting
~ How giving someone special a surprise brings joy to yourself

What about you?
How can you bring about some joy into your days?
How can you spread a small act of kindness, give someone a surprise or get in touch with your inner child and play?