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I’m a big believer in finding the simple joys in life, making time for the little things, it’s something I believe in and thought I was doing pretty well at. The other day I visited my chiropractor, he was going through the general adjustments and testing when he picked up that I’d been stressing, I couldn’t deny that one, it had been a busy week for me at work with lots of learning curves hence I was also feeling rundown. The next thing he bought up I wasn’t expecting. He asked me how much rest do I get. My reply was probably not enough, I work 40hours a week in hospitatlity so my roster is all over the place and days off are rarely on weekends.

He then asked what do I do for pleasure? This one had me stumped. On my days off I usually am doing something I enjoy, or more so I’m not working so isn’t that enough? He  went onto explain that I need to make sure I’m doing things that I actually find pleasure in, things for me that will fill up my cup and keep me going until the next days off where I can recharge again. He also said I need to plan these things so that I’m looking forward to them during my work week. This threw me a little, I don’t like the idea of wishing away the days until something better comes along but then I looked at it in a different light. I wouldn’t really be wishing away the days, every day I could still practice being in the moment and flow of life BUT I could do with more things that I reserve just for my days off, activities and projects that will fill me up with joy and keep me riding on those good vibes when things get a little challenging at work.

That night I was scrolling through Instagram and saw this beautiful quote.

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How true and beautiful, sometimes when things get a little sucky all it takes is a thought like ‘hey I’m having chocolate cake for dessert tonight’ and it can pull you right back to being ok with whatever is going on. On another level we need those bigger things to look forward to that fill us up, the things we find pleasure and passion in and time flies by while we loose ourselves in it.(I’ll write another post on that) It’s these things that in a funny way help us rest and recharge (not the actual doing nothing) so we are feeling more balanced and ready for whatever the week ahead may bring.

So it’s been a week since my session with my Chiro and as he suggested after my last days off I came home and planned out some things for my days off, getting creative, baking and social catch ups. I’ve been finding ways to get creative and baked a cake and you know what I think it’s going to work. For me simply getting in touch with my creative side, which I find great pleasure in, has been beautiful and bought me joy in an area I had let slide. Tonight as I go to bed after my days off I’m going to plan again.

So lovely let me ask you. Are you getting enough rest? What do you do for pleasure? What can you plan to look forward to so that you can fill up your cup and keep you going? Are you doing nothing and thinking it’s rest but feeling more rundown?

Get planning lovely and find one little or big thing to look forward.
Here’s to those things we can look forward to a a lovely week.