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Have you ever walked into a restaurant or café and taken a table for one? Does the idea of doing this make you feel uneasy? Eating on my own was never something I was comfortable with, usually opting to blend in to the crowd in a food court, takeaway or bury myself in a book. But not anymore, I’ll happily walk into a place and take a table for me front and center. From experience I believe it’s a beautiful ‘taking time for you’ exercise which isn’t that scary.

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Buy clomid online australia - Buy generic clomid at 100mg

Last year I set off on a solo trip overseas. This was a pretty big adventure with plenty of highs, lows and little lessons to learn. I didn’t think feeling confident in dining ‘alone’ would be one of them. My first real dinner date with me was in Toronto after purchase clomid online canada. It was a gorgeous day at the tail end of summer and I’d spent it wandering around the city. As evening fell I decided to have dinner before going to the movies, which is another story. Spotting people dining on the alfresco of a building a few stories up I decided I wanted to eat there too. The restaurant was a little out of my traveller’s budget but reasoned that for this one night it would be ok. I walked on up to the front desk and the lady said ‘Table for one?’ For a split second I froze looking in at all the other groups dining, was this really a place for a solo traveller? Am I too underdressed (my wardrobe was limited)? Could I really have a table for one? I shook it off, stood tall and replied that yes I would love a table for one, outside please. It turned out to be a beautiful night, with delicious food, views, atmosphere and a very helpful waitress. This was the start of many dinner dates for one.

The little fears

I think one of the common fears around eating solo, is what will people think? What will the waitress and other diners think? That you’re a lonely person who can’t even find someone to eat with. What will you do on your own, who will you talk to, how will you occupy your time? It can seem like a pretty big deal. But I can tell you first hand that taking a table for one is awesome.

So let’s bust some of the fears you may have.

What will people think? Umm does it matter what they think? No! To be honest I currently work in hospitality and serve people eating on their own all the time and I don’t even give it a second thought. To be honest most people are caught up in their own bubble to notice.

But why? Well firstly you can order whatever you like off the menu without having to justify it to anyone, warm chocolate cookie and ice cream just ‘cause. You can take as long or as little as you like eating, no one’s waiting for you to hurry up.

What will you do? Well it’s pretty unlikely you’re going to be left staring at a blank wall. People watch, soak up the atmosphere, snap a pic of your meal, and only after you’ve done this you may take out a book and read or journal and write but firstly be present and eat mindfully. Step out of your comfort zone a little more and chat to the person near you in a coffee shop, you never know what insightful conversations are to be had.

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Taking a table for one

Taking a table for one is all about doing something for you, going out for a date with yourself, a little pampering and even confidence boost. That one night in Toronto led me to many many happy meals in beautiful places all with myself as company. On coming back to Australia I let the practice of taking a table for one slip a little. I wasn’t a traveller here and it seemed a little more lonely to be doing it in my home town, someone could actually recognise me and I did have people to invite. But I knew that I loved those times on my own so it’s become a monthly outing. Only the other day I restaurant hopped, taking a table for one to eat lunch then going next door and doing the same for a sweet treat, hey I was on my own with only myself to justify it to.

Just try it

So here’s what I want you to do. Think of somewhere you love to go, or somewhere you’ve been wanting to go but just haven’t got to yet. Pick a day and schedule it in. Dress up a little, or not and walk on up and take a table for one then enjoy every last minute of it. Let me know in the comments if you take a table for one.