Hey 2017

Hey There,

I know we are already three weeks into this year and I’m only just writing a blog post now but that’s okay, today is still a beautiful day of 2017, do I need a better reason?

Before I dive into my thoughts on 2017 I want to share a little of my reflections on how 2016 unfolded. Looking back over 2016 the biggest theme for me was Gentle, learning to be gentle with myself. When I did first begin looking back over the year all I felt I had achieved was lots of work with a few trips to see my family (who live at the beach) in between. I didn’t feel as though I had achieved much or even done much but when I started really thinking about the events of the year and how it unfolded I really had. The trick was to release the idea my year and basically how I live my life had to look a certain way. Truth be told I really, really liked how 2016 played out for me. Yes it was a year with full time work but work itself bought about so many opportunities for growth and learning as well as joy, laughs and a few tears. In between work I travelled to New Zealand, spent time with family and friends, mastered a cookie recipe, bought a new laptop, created, played, and lived life. So thank you 2016, you really were a pretty sweet year.

Now, on to 2017. In the lead up to the new year I knew I wanted to choose a guiding word for the year but nothing had really come to me. On New Years Day my beautiful aunt commented on an Instagram picture how the universal theme for the year was cherish, cherish yourself and the rest will follow. That really connected with me. In the tail end of 2016 there were a couple of times where things were a bit of a struggle mostly because I was run down due to not looking after myself first. I feel like 2017 is a time for change, I am realising how important it is for me to cherish myself and to prioritise this and then to share and shine my light next. I also want to cherish each day, friends, family and the little things in between, cliche I know but it sits right.

And if I needed any more confirmation on the importance of looking after myself first I received it during my recent chiro session. My chiropractors are all really great people and the guy I saw this week asked me what do I do for myself, we were talking about stress, I replied not really enough. He reminded me just how important it is for me to look after myself and do something for me every day, even if it’s just five minutes, we need recharging. So for me 2017 is a year of cherishing. (You can read more about the year of cherishing here.)

There’s a few other themes and ideas I’m feeling into for this new year. I have been inspired by my beautiful Emma Kate Co ‘Write your own adventure 2017’ planner to well write my own story, to live life on my terms and embrace all of it, the real, the messy, the joy and everything in between. (~Emma Kate Co).

I was also inspired by a video clip that I came across late one night last year, it left me in tears.


This song and video really hit home for me. How often do we stay in our same routine and comfort zone? I know over the years I have stepped out of my comfort zone and surprised myself big time, (6months solo travel in Canada when I was 20), but surprising yourself doesn’t have to be doing something big like jumping out of a plane, it can really just be facing a fear, making a choice that’s important to you, or trying something new even if it’s just a food.

Tying in with the them of surprising yourself is adventure. Adventure is a big thing for me, I even wrote a post about Little Adventures last year and how we can bring a little adventure into our everyday. I didn’t end up fully following through on the commitment I made in that post to plan an adventure for every week but I want make a slightly more flexible commitment now. I want to add adventure to the year wherever, however and whenever I can, whatever that may be.

So there you go, a year of cherishing and adventure sounds pretty good to me. I have know idea what this year will bring for me but I’m ready. What about yourself, have you chosen a guiding word or theme? How can you surprise yourself or include a bit more adventure in your days?

Here’s to a beautiful 2017 and may you cherish yourself and your days be filled with love, joy, health and abundance.

Lots of Love

Caitlin xx

{Sweet} 2016

‘A new year,

Three hundred and sixty six

beautiful mornings and starlit evenings,

fifty-two promising weeks and

twelve transformative months

full of possibilities.’

Hello beautiful You!

Welcome to 2016! A whole new 366 days to make your own and fill with love, joy, laughter, gratitude and beautiful moments. I know we are already a week into the new year but I just wanted to share my thoughts on the sweet year to come.

I rounded out 2015 with lots of beautiful journalling, releasing and celebration. To sum up 2015 in one word word be Lead. Discovering and learning how to be my own leader, a leader in my workplace and a leader of change and my own adventures. The other themes was change & chapters. 2015 was filled with lots of change and the closing of old chapters and beginning of new, not just for myslef but in my own family and workplace too. My family moved from my home town of 20 years, I moved into my first place of my own and I took on a new role at work. Overall 2015 was a beautiful year with highlights being my trip to Ireland, moving out, trips to see the family at the beach and so many beautiful little moments in between.


Now onto 2016. I’ve welcomed the new year with lots of dreaming and planning. To begin with I hung up my stunning 2016 Intrinsic calendar and filled out my Lorna Jane diary. I love using beautiful planners that are bursting with joy and inspiration. I’ve also created my own little 2016 workbook in a very appropriate notebook ‘Don’t quit your daydream’. Inside this book I’ve stuck loads and loads of worksheets from some gorgeous ladies, Leonie Dawson, Sunsannah Conway, Earth Events. These have all helped me get clear on my plans, dreams and goals for the new year. I’m also in the middle of creating my vision board and I created a little jar for all my happy moments, gratitude  sand wishes for the year ahead.


The final little thing I’ve done to help me make sure 2016 is going to be a super sweet year is pick some guiding words/desired feelings/intentions/themes. A couple of words that will help guide me through the year. My words for 2016 are:

Love: ~choose love over fear ~self love ~love for one another

Dance: ~with life ~grace ~joy ~movement

Shine: ~doing things that light you up ~shining from within ~leaving a little sparkle wherever you go.


Well lovely I hope that sparks some ideas within you on ways to welcome 2016 and make it a super sweet year. It’s never to late to start planning. As for Make Today Happy, I hope to be on here a lot more in 2016 bringing lots of little inspirations and definitely some DIYs.

Happy 2016 and always!! Wishing you 366 days filled with love, joy, health and adventure. May all your wishes come true. 

With love, Caitlin xx