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Hey You, First time Traveler,

Firstly GO YOU!

Go you for deciding to discover new places and for wanting to turn this life of yours into one big adventure. I understand Wanderlust and the urge to travel, I’ve been there. Though I haven’t been to 30 countries or seen the seven wonders I have been on some adventures of my own. My adventures to date have been solo trips and they have been incredible.Today I’ve got a few little tips and tidbits for the first time solo adventurer.

On Planning:
“All you’ve got to do is decide to go and the hardest part is over, SO GO!” ~ Tony Wheeler (Lonely Planet Founder). It’s a simple truth, where do you want to go? Book the flight and you’ll make the rest work, just do it. Dream big and plan a little. For me what works is dreaming big, flicking through the pages of travel guides, hundreds of pins on pinterest and many many travel websites. But here’s the thing, dream big, create a little plan but don’t plan every minute of every day, you’ll open yourself up to new opportunities, you’ll gather advice from fellow travelers on the road, your mood will change, the weather might change, have some freedom in your plan.

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On Packing:
Write a whole lot of lists. Do test packs and cull half of the things in the bag, you really won’t need six pairs of shoes. Keep refining. Then I usually leave the actual packing for the night before, it’s how I roll, but maybe you like to be well prepared. Most places you travel to you’ll be able to buy anything you think you have forgotten or discover you need. Pack for comfort (especially in terms of shoes) and for all weather but leave some room for the little things you buy.

On Courage:
High five for deciding to travel solo. You will probably get told a lot that you are brave and courageous for traveling solo however you may be thinking ‘How am I brave for traveling solo?’ Chances are what you’re about to do hasn’t fully sunk in and you’ve got other things on your mind. It’s even more likely that you have moments where you are quietly freaking out but deep down you know that you are so ready for this and that it’s something you’ve wanted for a very long time. So back to being brave, how are you brave if travel is something you want and going solo is something you’ve made happen? This is something I can really relate to. If you stop and think about it you’ve got to give yourself some credit you are pretty brave and courageous for stepping into the unknown, going with the flow of life, saying goodbye to routine, making your dreams come true and relying on yourself more. To me that’s pretty courageous.
The original definition of courage… (from the Latin word cur, meaning heart) was to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. ~ Brene Brown
While solo travel may be different to the courage it take for someone to hike the alps, it still takes courage to listen to your heart and set foot into the big wide world.

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On Travel:
First up, travel on your own terms, don’t worry about others opinions or what you think they think you should be doing, and while guidebooks are great don’t live by them. Doing something that you really aren’t interested in just because it’s the touristy thing to do is going to suck. Find what interests you, do what feels right for you and don’t feel like you have to justify everything you do. You can’t help but live in the moment most times when you travel but I want to remind you to be present. Release control over every little thing, lose track of time, just sit and be and maybe put down the camera and map for a bit, soak up the atmosphere and loose yourself.

On Emotions:
When you travel emotions don’t go away just because you’re on holiday. In a single day you may feel a whole rainbow of emotions, let them rise, feel them, then let them go. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling a bit tired or cranky, listen in, do you need to rest for a while or do you need to change your thoughts? What can you be grateful for instead? What are five beautiful things around you? You may even feel a little homesick and alone. If I ever feel like this I remind myself that yes I may be physically alone I am not lonely. I’m my own best friend and there is always someone you can reach out to, Skype home, or simple strike up a conversation with the person in your hostel room or next to you on the bus.

On Money:
Keep balance with your money. Don’t be super rigid with your money, be aware and keep track of your expenses but don’t restrict yourself. Enjoy a nice meal or two or three and then cook something in the hostel kitchen. Enjoy a free walking tour but then pay a bit more for the whale watching tour. Find balance and what works for you and your budget.

On Doing Things:
Loose the expectations of how you think your trip should look and be and make it your own. Allow yourself time to rest, you are on a holiday after all. Step out of your comfort zone. Wander, explore, put down the map, sit, watch, be present. Listen to your heart, if it calls for people watching in a café or browsing a bookshop for an hour do it. If it says book that Zip Lining tour or down an Irish Coffee at 10 in the morning do that too. Let the impulses guide you. Don’t regret anything and trust your own decisions and instincts.

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On Making the most of your adventure:
Chat with people. Send postcards. Take lots of photos (but put the camera down too). Keep a journal, re reading it years later will take you straight back to the moment. Share your stories. Keep in touch with home. Meet the locals and chat with them. Ask questions. Challenge yourself.

To finish up all I can say is book the ticket and just go! Explore and learn on the road. Discover yourself and find out just how capable you are. Make this life of yours One Big Adventure.



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Have you ever walked into a restaurant or café and taken a table for one? Does the idea of doing this make you feel uneasy? Eating on my own was never something I was comfortable with, usually opting to blend in to the crowd in a food court, takeaway or bury myself in a book. But not anymore, I’ll happily walk into a place and take a table for me front and center. From experience I believe it’s a beautiful ‘taking time for you’ exercise which isn’t that scary.

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Last year I set off on a solo trip overseas. This was a pretty big adventure with plenty of highs, lows and little lessons to learn. I didn’t think feeling confident in dining ‘alone’ would be one of them. My first real dinner date with me was in Toronto after cheap clomid. It was a gorgeous day at the tail end of summer and I’d spent it wandering around the city. As evening fell I decided to have dinner before going to the movies, which is another story. Spotting people dining on the alfresco of a building a few stories up I decided I wanted to eat there too. The restaurant was a little out of my traveller’s budget but reasoned that for this one night it would be ok. I walked on up to the front desk and the lady said ‘Table for one?’ For a split second I froze looking in at all the other groups dining, was this really a place for a solo traveller? Am I too underdressed (my wardrobe was limited)? Could I really have a table for one? I shook it off, stood tall and replied that yes I would love a table for one, outside please. It turned out to be a beautiful night, with delicious food, views, atmosphere and a very helpful waitress. This was the start of many dinner dates for one.

The little fears

I think one of the common fears around eating solo, is what will people think? What will the waitress and other diners think? That you’re a lonely person who can’t even find someone to eat with. What will you do on your own, who will you talk to, how will you occupy your time? It can seem like a pretty big deal. But I can tell you first hand that taking a table for one is awesome.

So let’s bust some of the fears you may have.

What will people think? Umm does it matter what they think? No! To be honest I currently work in hospitality and serve people eating on their own all the time and I don’t even give it a second thought. To be honest most people are caught up in their own bubble to notice.

But why? Well firstly you can order whatever you like off the menu without having to justify it to anyone, warm chocolate cookie and ice cream just ‘cause. You can take as long or as little as you like eating, no one’s waiting for you to hurry up.

What will you do? Well it’s pretty unlikely you’re going to be left staring at a blank wall. People watch, soak up the atmosphere, snap a pic of your meal, and only after you’ve done this you may take out a book and read or journal and write but firstly be present and eat mindfully. Step out of your comfort zone a little more and chat to the person near you in a coffee shop, you never know what insightful conversations are to be had.

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Taking a table for one

Taking a table for one is all about doing something for you, going out for a date with yourself, a little pampering and even confidence boost. That one night in Toronto led me to many many happy meals in beautiful places all with myself as company. On coming back to Australia I let the practice of taking a table for one slip a little. I wasn’t a traveller here and it seemed a little more lonely to be doing it in my home town, someone could actually recognise me and I did have people to invite. But I knew that I loved those times on my own so it’s become a monthly outing. Only the other day I restaurant hopped, taking a table for one to eat lunch then going next door and doing the same for a sweet treat, hey I was on my own with only myself to justify it to.

Just try it

So here’s what I want you to do. Think of somewhere you love to go, or somewhere you’ve been wanting to go but just haven’t got to yet. Pick a day and schedule it in. Dress up a little, or not and walk on up and take a table for one then enjoy every last minute of it. Let me know in the comments if you take a table for one.